About the Brand

Founded by designer Oliwia Jankowska, a graduate of the School of Artistic Dress Design in Cracow, whom has flourished through 9 years in industry. Oliwia has always pursued artistic directions, including 3 years as a professional designer of clothing and styling. The brand builds on her lifelong interests, having taken many courses in drawing and painting and organized her own vernissages.

In the interest of quality assurance, the entire production process is carried out in Poland.
This turn supports smaller sewing facilities and the Polish labour market.
We carefully create additional value by recycling and repurposing any leftover materials when our collections are finalised.
We use the highest quality materials which hallmarked with safety certification symbols to add provenance and reassurance.
In addition to the sales collection, you can also find premium lines which are available individually.

Campaign 2020

Pearls are a characteristic feature of the brand: they represent immaculate beauty and perfection. They help the wearer to remain faithful and humble, they symbolize a long life, filled with joy and security – without worries or problems. For good reason, they are known as the tears of gods or angels. Apparently, under the influence of stones, the female aura becomes brighter, and nature calmer. It follows that pearls received from a loved one bode well for happiness and harmony. Originally, pearls were considered one of the purest stones on earth – in the time of Coco Chanel she herself considered it as the symbol of pure elegance. The brand allows wearers to dress fashionably, uniquely, innovatively and modernly. Above all, the garments capture the quality, heritage and timeless soul of pearls, whilst revitalizing them for the modish 21st century women. Appreciating that a woman is not simply a pretty object, the aim of the brand is to open the minds of people to notice every woman as a valuable essence of existence. The goal is to regenerate classic forms and character and, in so doing, reflect the wearers’ personalities whilst also providing windows into their souls. Let us go back to the beauty of nature. The aim is to combine the elegance of past times with the benefits of technology to suit the modern lifestyle.

Women whom value freedom of expression and combine casual comfort with pure elegance are the audience. They are fashionable, unique and innovative – they neither like to be stereotyped, nor do they follow trends – they also adapt vintage and classic looks to fit modern tastes. They are not dolls and their clothes express their originality – but their personalities are not dictated by their clothes. The brand focuses on the quality of materials, from finest silk, to satin, velour and natural leather – all exquisitely refined through beautiful pearls. The focus is the quality of the product, selecting the finest pieces of the highest quality to ensure longevity and enjoyment.

Campaign 2019

“Intra minds” is a collection that was created to reflect its audience’s internal realities. The name comes from ‘inside the minds’ – collective reality – representing, aesthetically, the intrinsic experience rather than the extrinsic translation. The purpose of the collection is to open the myriad minds of those experiencing psychological issues – whom are often seen as different – and to highlight the many ways that everyone is, in fact, very much the same. The inspiration here is the French artist Brno Del Zou, who in his collages speaks of body fragmentation and the combination of our chaotic minds. He says that deeper than the body itself and its beauty, there is unity. That point of view depends on how we perceive it, not how we see it. Despite our great variety, we do not lose the intangibles – the inner magnificence. It tells and encourages us to deepen our minds and horizons pertaining to fashion. It is a combination of the arts of the mind and clothing. It is aimed at people who need clothes not to wear them, but as an expression and extension of their personality.

The collection was inspired by the psychological image of personality, so it is in certain way enigmatic, in other ways surreal and evocative of a real dream. The collection is mostly printed with works of its own authorship, and graphic by Natalia Kwiatkowska. All works are workshop graphics, made with rotogravure techniques and print, such as etching and chiseling (linocut).

All prints are designs of workshop graphics showing the emotions and words of people overlapping one another. The materials used are soft, flexible, transparent and layered – such as organza, foil, cotton, rubber, latex, etc. An additional advantage here are materials that give the effect of a vivid, moving and flickering image. The colours are relatively conservative, such as black and grey with the addition of light purple and fizzed with a slice of sharp orange.