Honorarta Skarbek - Perseidy

The latest music video of Perseida – Honorata Skarbek. And in it my orange jacket from the previous collection.
Brilliant stylizations by Victoria Sypucińska.

Perseida’s song tells how people who cannot find themselves in their reality lose themselves in the corners of the city that offer stimulants, fleeting acquaintances, madness and distraction, which as a result brings no effect, only deepens their powerlessness, fears and inability to find yourself. It is a story about having fun, looking for your own limits, crossing borders, which are sometimes fatal in their consequences. It is focusing on the present, without thinking about the consequences, having fun, constantly looking for new impressions in the outside world. It is a demonstration of madness and inconsistency resulting from making destructive decisions on the spur of the moment. There are elements of fun and carefree interwoven in the story, but they are fleeting pieces of a fatal puzzle.

music: Jonatan Chmielewski, Honorata Skarbek
words: Honorata Skarbek, Jonathan Chmielewski
Director: Dawid Ziemba
Screenplay: Dawid Ziemba, Honorata Skarbek
Producer: Artur Strączek, Kuba Kapała
Cinematographer: Łukasz Dryżałowski
1st AC: Piotr Bronisz
Editing, colorization: Dawid Ziemba
Hairstyles: Bartek Satora, Patryk Domański
Make-up: Klaudia Jóźwiak
Makeup assistant: Kinga Jetkowska
Styling Victoria Sypucińska
Gaffer: Maciej Rosik
Spark: Hubert Stępień, Gustaw
Equipment: MX 35, FAST MEDIA
Light: Lighthouse GURU
They starred:
Carmen Ferreira / AS MANAGEMENT
Paulina Phuong Trinhdo
Marlena Janeczko
Suzie Pacałowska
Kaja Wawer
Piotr Olejniczak
Mateusz Grzegorczyk
Izabela Samojeden
Patryk Domański